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        Fax: (86)451-86531588 86502231

        E-mail: hafeishichangbu@163.com

        Address: Fu15 Youxie Street Pingfang,Harbin

        Post: 150066

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          Our company produces metallurgical machineries and equipment, represented by high speed wire rod pre-finishing mill group、finishing mill group、pinch roll and layer head. We have the other kinds of equipment and spare parts, such as continuous casting production line、rod bundling machine、rolling mill for rods、450 mm ultra-thin precision strip machine, crimping machine and collecting area、air cooling line and so on.

          General situation of main products is as follows:

          The pre-finishing mill block and top cross 45 ° design speed of 105 m/s finishing mill block is in the domestic leading position.

          1.High-speed wire rode pre-finishing mill block:theφ285 cantilever roller ring rolling mill,individual drive,can be used two stands or four stands a group.

          2.high-speed wire finishing rolling mills:Cantilever and over loading mill without torque,top cross of 45° lay-out

          (1).ten stands series: the whole group has 10 stands, centralized driven, consisting of 5-φ230 mills and 5-φ170 mills or consisting of 10-φ230 mills.

          (2)eight stands series:the whole group has 8 stands, centralized driven, consisting of 3-φ230 mills and 5-φ170 mills or consisting of 8-φ230 mills.

          (3)six stands series:the whole group has 6 stands, centralized driven, consisting of 6-φ230 mills

          3. High-speed wire pinch roll:Horizontal cantilever roller structure,double roller driver. The speed can reach 120m/s.

          4. High-speed wire layer head:obliquity 15°or 20°,horizontal,the spin speed of spitting machines can reach 120m/s.

          5. High-stiffness short stress bar mill stands:We developed the fifth generation of red ring short-stress mill stands RR568、RR558、RR547 and so on. This kind of mill stand has excellences of high precision、low weight.

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