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          In order to improve the staff’s safety consciousness and the ability to recognize hidden danger, our company had an activity called “Safety Publicity and Education Week” in the end of June. Using “safety for manufacture、manufacture must be safety” as a theme, through the show of safety accident case, it makes all the staff deeply know that safety work is not a small matter and everyone has the duty to work safely. It warns all the staff to know the importance of “safety is first, give priority to prevention”, and orders all the staff to make efforts to do “three no hurt、four no pass and five at the same time for safety”. Through this publicity and education activity, our company wants to make a good cultural atmosphere that all the staff cares about the manufacture and all the staff attends the safety management, to obviously reduce the potential safety hazard and accident.

          General Manager Zhang Chunhua gave a high appraise to the form and the content of the show of the “Safety Publicity and Education Week” activity on company regular meeting. He ordered Engineering technology Department and Quality Management Department to start “Equipment Fault Show” and “Quality Publicity Week” special topic activity on July. He urges and encourages all the departments of our company to be skill of thinking and brainstorm, and to have more and more similar special topic activities. Take advantage of unique charismatic of the activity, gradually infection and correct bad behavior.

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