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        The?company?held?a special?seminar?meeting?about?cost?control

          In recent years, the metallurgical equipment industry is getting increasingly competitive, and the sale prices of our product are continually getting lower. The steel industry now faces very serious situation. The production of many steel plants is now at a standstill, and some has started to sell their equipment. And the manufacturers of metallurgical equipment also need to be shuffled, and seek enterprise transformation. In order to make sure that our production has continual market competitiveness and in order to adapt the needs of the market, our company stressed to make efforts on cost control. Our company pushed every department to actively organize and launched all the staff to widely attend to control and reduce the cost by all kinds of means.

          In 2015, our company always regards the cost control as one of the most important work. In order to do well the periods summary and make clear the direction and key in the second half year’s work of every department, our company held a special topic meeting “Cost Control” in the third floor’s meeting room on 27th of June. Every department (Production Management Department、Auxiliary Guaranteeing Department、Quantity Management Department、General Management Department、Finance Department、Engineering Technical Department、R&D center、Market Management Department、Technical Service Department and Yingkou Branch) clearly introduced the result achieved in the first half of this year and their plan in the second half year, center on the topic “Cost Control” in a succession. After heard the detailed debrief of every department , General Manager Mr. Zhang Chunhua made an important comment and laid out the following works. At first, he gave a fully recognized on the work and result achieved on this work. He stressed that this work had a long way to go and faced a lot of new subjects. A lot of work needs to study and discuss. He clearly pointed out that every department should make a good summary and consolidate the work. For the work in the second half year, he ordered that every department should clearly define responsibility and the finish time. The General Management is in charge of the following check and evaluation. The evaluation result should relevant to the award/punishment and appraisal. And let all the staff know the importance of “cost control” work to the survival and development of our company.

          After the meeting, our company organized the staff to have a tourism and holiday in Maoershan scenic spot.

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