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        Fax: (86)451-86531588 86502231

        E-mail: hafeishichangbu@163.com

        Address: Fu15 Youxie Street Pingfang,Harbin

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          Hafei Industry Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Company is under Harbin Hafei Industry Co., Ltd. His forerunner is some horizontal factories, which made Aero hydraulic parts、machine-made parts、non-standard equipment、pressure vessel and automobile steering gear, under Harbin Aircraft Industry Group integrated together. It is located at Auto Parts Zone B Pingfang District, Harbin, covering an area of more than 40000 square meters. Now our company has over 500 employees, including more than 100 R & D and engineer technical people who have senior technical titles). It possesses the unique know-hows of forging, metallurgy, NC machining, heat and surface treatments, a lot of precision equipment, and has the capability to do test and inspection of machined, riveted and welded, hand-assembled or hydraulic parts or assemblies, and inspection and trial running of complete high-speed wire rolling mill line. Its test benches can be used to test run 90m-135m/s high-speed wire finish rolling mills and pre-finish rolling mills at varied speed with all the necessary parameters taken by sophisticated measuring systems.

          We started the development and production of steel rolling equipment using aircraft manufacturing expertise in the 80s of last century, and have provided with domestic steel plants such important equipment as high-speed wire rolling mills, bar mills and consecutive casting machines and spare parts, and brought up a team of experts on high-speed wire rolling technology, who have accumulated a lot of know-how and experience, and acquired a very good knowledge of special requirements and standards for steel rolling equipment.

          Since middle of 1990s, in order to adapt the demand of the market, our company started his development based on large of spare parts of high-speed wire rode to the direction of the whole set of high-speed wire rode mill、rolling mill for rode、 strip steel. Through the corporation with the famous iron and steel science research institutes such as CERIS and the Capital Iron And Steel Designing Institute, from 1995, our company not only makes the spare parts for steel plant, but also make the whole set equipment for new or reform steel plants. When we successfully supplied the flank-cross 75m/s high-speed wire rode mill(pre-finishing mill block、 finishing mill block、 pinch roll and layer head) to Jiangsu Wujin Steel Plant and Guizhou Shuicheng Steel Plant, we started our development to higher target. On 1999, our company successfully developed the finishing mill block (top-cross 45 °、 design speed of 105 m/s、insurance speed 95 m/s). Until this moment, our company has contracted and supplied more than 80 lines which was used in Inron and steel company, such as Shougang NO.1 wire rode plant、Baogang Xinjiang Bayi Steel plant、 India SURANA Company, and so on.

          From 2001,our company focuses on the market of the short stress rolling mill for rods. And chronologically our company made rolling mill such as 350、370、445、450、455、472、550、650、750 for rods for Fushun New Steel Plant、Beiman Steel Plant、Xining Steel Plant、Wuhan Iorn And Steel Company Echeng Steel Plant、Xiangtan Steel Plant、Pingxiang Steel Plant、Shuicheng Steel Plant、Jianlong Steel Plant and so on.

          Our company started cooperation with SMS MEER from 2006. We made various models of short-stress high-stiffness bar mill stands such as HL355、HL460、HL500、HL630 and sold abroad. It helps us open the international market, and improve the level of mechanical ability. With the improvement of both sides’ satisfactory degree, the extent of corporation is being increased. On April of 2007, we signed long-term strategic cooperation agreement with SMS MEER. Until this year, we supplied more than 240 stands of bar mill stands and trains for rolls. It means that the quality of our productions got the international accreditations and it laid the foundation of participating in international competition.

          With our company strength’s increase, our company has a new progress on general contract of our high-speed wire rode engineering. To make the customers requirement as the starting point, and to exert the technology design、 the industrial design、 supply of complete equipment、construction and installation and debugging’s integral superiority of our company, our company supplies to our customer complete engineering project general contract surface(EPC),turn-key project. Since on May of 2002 we made general contract for Fushun New Steel plant, on June of 2007, we successfully got the 1000 Tone double high-speed wire rode engineering project of Tangshan Hengan Industrial Steel Plant. And on June of 2008, this project got into operation smoothly.

          Our company used to get a lot of award, such as Metallurgy Department award of “Excellent Unit For Localization Of Highspeed wire rod mill Equipment”,and the second prize of National technological progress, and so on. Eighteen Highspeed wire rod mill components which our company made got through National technical appraisal.

          Our company now has been the chief metallurgic steel rolling equipment manufacturer in China, and we shall carry forward our tradition of making aircraft for 50 years, use our know-how, experienced engineering team, and sound QA system certificated against ISO 90002, follow the guideline of being an honest man, doing excellent jobs, science & technology first and customer is always right, and repay our customers and the society by providing quality products and satisfactory services.

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