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        E-mail: hafeishichangbu@163.com

        Address: Fu15 Youxie Street Pingfang,Harbin

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          The forerunner of our company is the horizontal factories which made Aero hydraulic parts、machine-made parts under Harbin Aircraft Industry Group. From 1986, under the organization of the Metallurgical Ministry, our company started to develop and produce the Metallurgy and rolling Equipment. Through the digestion of the foreign technology, our company made all kinds of spare parts for metallurgical equipment which have high Scientific and technical content. Though the cooperation with scientific research unit like Beijing Central Engineering and Research Incorporation of Iron and Steel Industry and Beijing Shougang International Engineer Technology Co., Ltd, our company developed complete set of high speed wire rod equipment, and we made a great success. Our company, which has the ability to develop、design、 produce and service,became the main metallurgy and rolling Equipment manufacturing company in China and we got good reputation.

          R&D center, which is under the technical center, takes charge of the work, like design、develop、mapping、technological improvement and so on. Focus on the main productions like high speed wire rode finishing mill block and all types of short stress bar mill stands, the technical improvement is always done every year to promote the performance increase. Years later, we got several patents. With the effort of the R&D technical staff, we successfully researched and developed specialized finishing mill stand for high-speed tool steel and all kinds of speed ratio series speed-increase gearbox which meet the customers’ needs that use the DC motor to drive the finishing mill stands. We successfully researched and developed high stiffness and high precision short stress bar mill stand and new type layer head which inclination angle is 20°. Through these new productions’ research and development and a lot of technical improvement, the research and development ability got further improvement. Now our company has a new scientific payoff. We successfully developed a new kind top-cross 45°super-speed mill which the test speed reach to 140m/s. It means that there is a successful update on Hafei finishing mill productions, and it must bring a new revolution for customer’s high speed wire rode machine line.

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