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          Start full service

          Turn to mechanical and service enterprise

          Now the iron and steel industry in China is facing a strait unparalleled. Because of the crude steel over-production、the large pressure of environment protecting、two high and one low (highly energy-wasting、high-cost and low benefit) are now worried the iron and steel industry in China. In this situation, our company holds this market chance. Our company supplies to our customer the technology service to increase the operation capability of the equipment、lower the energy-wasting, so that we help our customer get cost reduction and savings. Last year, our company made a strategic that turn to the mechanical and service enterprise from single mechanical company. With one year’s development, from the general contract、 designation、management to the mechanical of the equipment, from keeping the production of the steel plant reach the standard to contract the operation of the steel plant, our company has got the full service ability, like a baby-sitter.

          On the side of the equipment maintenance and general contract service, our company uses the service mode of settles the spare parts payment accounts by per ton steel. In Qianan Jiujiang Steel Plant、Shandong Huimin Minxin Steel Plant、 Liaoyang City Steel Plant、 Yingkou Jiachen Steel Plant、Wuan Yuhua Steel Plant、Wuan Yongcheng Steel Plant、Wuan Jinding Steel Plant、Wuan Jinding Steel Plant、 Shandong Xinhua Steel Plant、Puyang Minquan Steel Plant、 Hebei Taigang Steel Plant、 Yingkou Bei Steel Plant、 Yutian Taifeng Steel Plant、 Xiangfen Xingyuan Steel Plant、Hebei Mingshun Steel Plant、Shanxi Liheng Steel Plant , the relevant technical people go directly to the daily maintenance and management, and make full use of their advantage.

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